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(802) 861-7700
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Furniture Pick-Up and Delivery

What to Expect When You are Expecting….Delivery

The Wendell’s Warehouse Crew is the best around….and we don’t mind bragging on them!  In fact, most of our compliments
from customers are about these amazing guys!  Please check out this video about our renowned crew:

Arranging Pickup or Delivery:
Call: (802) 861-7700 Prompt # 2 - or Email.

Looking for a Status on your Order, please contact your salesperson directly:
Call the front desk at (802) 861-7700 x 0 or Email.


WHETHER YOU DECIDE to pick up your purchase or have us deliver it, at Wendell’s Furniture  and Wendell’s Vermont Bed Store, we are committed to exceeding your expectations ... everyday!   In 1970, Wendell was hit while riding his motorcycle by a mattress that came off of a car in front of him.  Ironic, huh?  This is only ONE reason we ask you to plan a safe trip home with your new stuff (or better yet, have us deliver!).

Delivery Service:

  • We offer delivery 6 days per week (everyday but Sunday). We schedule in time windows to allow our Crew to give each customer the proper service.  We do, however, offer to call you approximately 30 minutes ahead so you know when we are on the way!   
  • We cover all of Northern Vermont, Central Vermont and limited parts of New York.
  • Our fees are competitive and cover our assembly, delivery & placement of your new items as well as removing any packing material.   
  • Simple assembly is included in the delivery fee, but a few items require additional charges.
  • We offer removal of like items for a reasonable charge.
  • Please note that Vermont sales tax rates change bases on where merchandise changes hands and that delivery fees are taxable.

Pick-Up Service:

  • Customers may pick-up items at our warehouse (just 1000 feet from our main store) in Colchester.

Warehouse pick-up hours

Weekdays 10:00am to 5:30pm

Saturdays 10am to 6:00pm

Sundays 11am to 5:00pm

  • Please notify us ahead of time so your new items can be carefully assembled or prepared in advance. 
  • Our awesome Warehouse Crew will be happy to help you load items, however placement and securing of items in or on your vehicle is your responsibility. We do ask customers NOT to strap items to the roof of a vehicle as it can become unsafe out on the road. *
  • We do not generally accept your old items at the warehouse.
  • Simple assembly is offered as a courtesy at pick-up.
  • We do offer FREE cardboard to protect your items. Moving blankets and ratchet straps are available for purchase.  String and rope are NOT provided.
  • After product leaves our dock, it is fully your responsibility. Please ask to OPEN and INSPECT product prior to loading.




Customer Reviews:

"From the greeting as we came in the door to the delivery staff, everyone we dealt with was professional, helpful and very friendly. Thank you, thank you!"
Paul and Carol L.

 "We want to thank the two young men who delivered the mattress—They were so professional,courteous and efficient.  Such a pleasant experience for us! It went so fast,that I didn’t even get their names. Can you tell them we said “Thanks”?"
Best regards,

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